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Yoga Synergy ~ Fire Sequence Course with Alex

The Yoga Synergy sequences are named in honour of the pancha mahabhuta (5 great elements) - Earth, water, fire, Air and ether.

Each of the sequences are unique in their own right, and therefore open to all students whether they have attended any of the previous courses or not. 

Fire is the third of the 5 Yoga Synergy sequences, designed to be energising, heating and dynamic, and is practised during the cold winter months.

According to Ayurveda, Yoga’s sister science, the location of Fire (Agni) in the body is the small intestine. Within our bodies, the fire or energy binds the atoms together. Fire transforms food into energy. It creates the impulses of nervous reactions, our feelings, and even our thought processes.


The intention with which we practise this sequence is to generate the internal fire, to boost immunity and maintain vitality through the coolness of winter.


Over an 8-week period we will build a sequence, focusing on the standing postures including the Salutation sequence, then inversions (teaching simple and more challenging versions) and floor postures, completing the practice with pranayama (breathing practices) and relaxation.


Yoga Synergy is a dynamic style with a physiotherapy background that provides students with a strong but safe practice.


Students benefit from this dynamic style of Yoga in the following ways:

* Postures that stretch, tone and strengthen the entire skeletal system, working not only on the body’s frame but the internal organs, glands and nerves

* Concentration and attention in each posture encourages deep body awareness and relaxation

* Breathing exercises refresh and cleanse the body and help to calm the mind

* Improved vitality and flexibility

* Enhanced immune system response

* Increased muscle and bone strength

* Capability for relaxation


8 Week Course

Date: Tuesday 27 June – Tuesday 15 August

Time: 7:30 pm – 9 pm

Cost: $185 / $165 Early bird paid by 21 June




About the teacher:

Alex has been practising yoga for more than 20 years. During this time she studied a three-year training program with the founders of Yoga  Synergy, Simon Borg-Olivier and Bianca Machliss.

 As a qualified Yoga Synergy teacher, Alex ran the Yoga Synergy School in Manly, which she has taught at for more than 11 years. She  founded the Yoga Co-operative Manly and is excited about bringing Yoga Synergy to the Manly Yoga Centre. She has a warmth, energy  and real love for teaching that comes through in her classes.

 As the mother of three young children, Alex understands the importance of student practice to bring balance in our busy lives, using the  physical body to connect the mind and the breath. At the same time, she believes that safely challenging the body, in a fun and intelligent  way, helps create a strong, healthy body and a calm, focused mind – not just on the mat, but beyond.