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Winter Solstice Celebration with Radha

June 21st is the shortest day of the year and the longest night. At the time of the Winter Solstice the Sun stands at its lowest point.

Join Radha at the Winter Solstice to pause, acknowledge and reflect on our journey since the Summer Solstice.

Nature recedes and goes quiet and we follow by taking time for reflection and stillness, acknowledging what we have completed, and the insights and understandings we have gained, including those we may not be so comfortable with.

We will enjoy an early-morning meditation and yoga class, followed by an optional community breakfast at Ruby Lane.

Our celebration will begin at 5:45 am, before sunrise with a symbolic Spiral Meditation, allowing the space to sit and actively ritualise the process of sitting in darkness, honoring nature’s call for stillness and quiet reflection.

We then symbolically journey into our centre, with a walking meditation around the spiral to the centre candle, the aim to discover our inner light and strength.

This meditation will be followed by a yoga class where we will welcome the rising sun with Sun Salutations to connect with the uplifting vibrations and energies the sun provides. The class will include postures to build our inner strength, supporting us as we move through the quieter winter months.

The celebration will conclude with the opportunity to connect and chat with fellow yogis and yoginis over a delightful and nourishing breakfast at Ruby Lane. 


Date: Wednesday 21 June

Time: 5:45 am –7 am 

Cost: $21 or use your class pass (breakfast is optional and not included in the price)