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Trauma Sensitive Yoga Course with Christine


Often our bodies can remain in a fight or flight response long after we have experienced a traumatic event or dangerous environment. Yoga can help us to understand and befriend our bodies again.

Trauma Centre (TC) Trauma Sensitive Yoga explores and develops a positive relationship with your body. It is adjunctive treatment for complex trauma focusing on noticing what you feel in your body (this is called ‘interoception’) and enabling you to make choices about what to do with your body based on what you feel.

TC Trauma Sensitive Yoga explores and develops a positive relationship with your body and you will learn centering techniques that can support self-regulation.

TC Trauma Sensitive practices are:

• invitational, not demanding

• invite choice which can empower and create positive change for the future

Each class is 1 hour but you are free to leave the session if you need to

• You will never be told what to do with the forms but rather invited to try them

• There is no physical contact

• There is no right or wrong

No prior yoga experience is necessary and we aim to make classes accessible to everybody.


For a short video about TCTSY CLICK HERE

Trauma Centre, Trauma Sensitive Yoga is a very specific practice and should not be confused with other forms of 'trauma sensitive yoga'.



Course is limited to 10 participants.:


Monday 9 October – Monday 30 October

TIME: 10 am - 11 am


$100 ( for one 4 week course)

Health rebates may apply depending on the health fund.



Please Contact Christine 0414 555 581

Or email for more information

Participants are required to be actively participating in therapy or have access to a counselor or GP.

Individual one-on-one sessions or small private group sessions (15 to 60 minutes) are also available.


Christine is certified through the TCTSY Program to use the protocol developed, studied, and empirically validated by the Trauma Center at the Justice Resource Institute of Brookline, Massachusetts.

For more information visit the TCTSY Australia site CLICK HERE

TCTSY was co-developed by David Emerson, Director of Yoga Services, at the Trauma Center, Boston.`


About the teacher – Christine Davie

Christine brings a unique blend of experience to her classes with 40 years as a yoga practitioner and passion for exploring all forms of yoga. Trained as an Alexander Technique teacher; Satyananda yoga teacher, Trauma Centre Trauma Sensitive Yoga Teacher (Boston) and Scaravelli inspired teacher, her connection with classical yoga and western approaches make her classes inclusive and accessible to all. Core to her beliefs is that everybody can benefit from yoga.

Christine completed the 300 hour TCTSY training at the Justice Resource Centre, Boston, and delivers the TCTSY protocol created by David Emerson, which has been developed, studied, and empirically validated at Dr. Bessel van der Kolk's Trauma Center at the Justice Resource Institute, Brookline, Massachusetts, USA. 

TCTSY is an adjunctive clinical treatment to "... support emotion regulation, stabilisation, and skill building for adults (and youth) with chronic, treatment-resistant post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD); complex PTSD; dissociative disorders; and other related emotional and behavioral problems".