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Synergy flow Saturday Open Class & courses

Yoga Synergy is a flow style of yoga practice, with it's aim to teach the yoga in a safe, fun and enjoyable. Each posture is taught with simple through to complex versions, enabling you to vary the intensity of your practice. 

Emphasis is on balancing strength and flexibility, correct breathing with postures that flow into another posture building the sequence from standing to floor postures, finishing with pranayama and relaxation.


Yoga Synergy is a flowing, dynamic style of yoga, with a background in physiotherapy. 

It is:

~ a safe practice suitable for all body types across all levels of fitness

~ suitable for those who have little yoga experience and those trying to rehabilitate or manage injuries

~ challenging enough for those more familiar with a regular physical practice.

This style of yoga is vinyasa flow; each posture flows into another posture as you build the sequence from standing to floor postures, finishing with pranayama and relaxation. 

Yoga Synergy is built around 5 sequences per year, which are tailored to nurture a person’s body and mind as it adapts to the changing seasons. Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether – these 5 dynamic sequences of yoga postures are taught in the Yoga Synergy method, designed by Simon Borg-Olivier and Bianca Machliss, who are both experienced yoga teachers and qualified physiotherapists.

Students are encouraged to understand simpler versions of the postures before attempting more challenging versions. Learning to respond to your body and being in the present moment, not attached to where you want to be in the future or how you have practised in the past. By working like this, each student is able to generate the appropriate energy for him or her, creating a balanced and beautiful meditative flow practice.

As a dynamic style students benefit from:

• Postures that stretch, tone and strengthen the entire skeletal system, working not only the body’s frame but the internal organs, glands and nerves

• Concentration and attention in each posture encourages deep body awareness and relaxation

• Breathing exercises refresh and cleanse the body and help to calm the mind

• Improved vitality and flexibility

• Enhanced immune system response

• Increased muscle and bone strength

• Capability for relaxation.