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Midlife and Menopause – A New Paradigm with Maree Lipschitz


‘At menarche (puberty) a woman enters her power. During her menstruating years, she practices her power. At menopause, she becomes her power.’ 

Old Native American Wisdom


Do you feel that you’re too old, past it, over the hill? Like someone has taken over your brain or perhaps that you’re losing your femaleness? Maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed by anxiety or unable to shake off any shame associated with growing older? 

Midlife women often feel like they are going insane with the symptoms they experience and they can feel deeply alone because such feelings at this point in your life are just not talked about.

Most women enter their midlife years with no idea that peri-menopausal symptoms often start in our early 40s – a good 5 to10 years before our menstruation stops.

This workshop will give you vital, balanced information about the huge changes at midlife and menopause to inspire you to greater health, peace and contentment with your age and your life.


By attending this workshop you will:

• learn about the physical, biological, psychological and spiritual changes that this rite of passage of menopause brings about

• understand the common symptoms of menopause and peri-menopause and take away some strategies to deal with them

• gain an appreciation of the wisdom of the female body and how to nurture your feminine through this phase

• know that losing our fertility does NOT mean losing our sexuality or our femaleness

• discuss our sexuality and energy management at midlife and how to relight your libido

• learn about the changes in the brain that take place throughout this midlife transition and the major themes that affect women

• appreciate how useful meditation is for midlife women [women at midlife and why

• gain a new perspective on growing older and learn to step into our sovereignty as a wise woman


Here’s what previous attendees of this workshop have had to say…

I found the day an insightful journey into my own understanding of menopause. Making sense of my emotions and physical symptoms has been very helpful. I am grateful for the knowledge and wisdom that Maree shares. Rilka, Blue Mountains

Maree’s midlife workshop is a must for every 35- plus woman. Learn how to become your power at menopause, what to expect along the way and how to make the most of this amazing transition called menopause. Trina Bawden-Smith, Coogee

I found Maree’s workshop extremely useful and practical. She’s given me tools to better understand the changes that I will face over the next phase of my life. I feel empowered as a woman, in an area that is usually only spoken of in a negative way. Thank you, Maree, I’m so glad I came!  Y.O. 43 yrs old

I found Maree to be so warm and inviting as a group facilitator. It was her inclusiveness of all group members that allowed for beautiful, open, insightful & honest sharing.  Maree also provides the group members the space to speak freely about menopause –- a subject that is unfortunately still taboo in our society & world. I am walking away feeling that I can be proud & grateful to go through perimenopause & menstruation with grace, knowledge and self-love. Jacqui Robilliard, Central Coast

Maree’s workshop has opened me up to so much more potential in my life. This new space of menopause now feels exciting and fun! Maree brings such honesty and intelligence to the lessons of womanhood which are so needed in our modern world. Thank you so much!  Louise

An essential reminder of the wisdom, love and connection that is always there for us women to share. Sue (Bullaburra)


Date: Sunday 20 August

Time: 10 am – 5 pm 

Cost: $185 / $165 Early bird paid by 12 August

(includes break for lunch and morning tea)

25% Discount for 6 month Pass holders



About Maree Lipschitz

The workshop will be run by the renowned Maree Lipschitz who holds an Honours Degree in Science from Queensland University. She has over 20 years’ experience speaking and presenting at conferences, facilitating workshops and coaching women and girls in the three major female transitions of menarche, motherhood and menopause.  Maree is a specialist coach in Midlife & Menopause and she assists women 40+ to rediscover their purpose, reclaim their power and recreate their life.  Maree is also a Senior Facilitator and Co-founder of 'Pathways into Womanhood' residential programs for 13 to15-year-old girls and their mums; and 'Let's Talk Growing Up' puberty weekends for 9 to12-year-old girls and their mums. She is passionate about helping women and girls navigate with grace and ease through these major transitions in their lives.