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Free Home Practice

Get your free meditation and yoga nidra
home practice.

Three highly effective meditation practices that you can use at home or
on the bus, anytime.


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Meditation Level 1 ~ 5wk Course with Clare


"Learn relaxation and meditation techniques that will help reduce the symptoms of stress, release tension and improve the overall quality of your sleep."

This 5 week meditation course is designed to teach you the principles of meditation, mindfulness and relaxation.

During the course you will learn simple, effective techniques which you can integrate immediately into your daily life.

Meditation Level 1 has a special emphasis on practices and techniques which help to alleviate the symptoms of stress, tension and improve the quality of your sleep.


Students will learn:

~ What the concept of mindfulness is

~ The yogic terminology of witnessing

~ A introduction into the theory of meditation

~ The functioning of the nervous system, in relation to rest and digest and fight or flight

~ How abdominal breathing affects the nervous system

~ The role of melatonin and sleep, other factors which influence sleep

~ To self monitor by recognising the symptoms of stress and anxiety

~ How to self regulate using mindfulness and mediation techniques


Each class will include:

~ gentle postures to release physical tension

~ breath work to activate the 'relaxation response' in the body-mind

~ lying down guided relaxation (yoga nidra)

~ formal sitting meditation practise


There will also be discussion and theory on meditation and how you can intergrate mindfulness techniques into your daily life for more peace, calm and contentment.


Suitable for anyone new to meditation

DATE: Tuesday 22 August - Tuesday 18 September

TIME: 7:30 pm - 9 pm

COST: $165 / $145 Early bird paid by 12 august