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Masterclass ~ Advanced yoga practise With David Burgess

We are delighted to be able to welcome back our good friend David Burgess to lead these monthly two-hour advanced yoga master classes. He is much loved and respected by both his peers and students alike. David’s teaching style has a zen-like quality, being clear and down to earth.
By advanced yoga here we are not talking about handstands, splits and lotus poses. These sessions rather are designed to provide students with a deeper exposure to and experience of the antarangas i.e. the inner limbs of classical yoga that allow one to go deeper into the more subtle realms, leading to states of higher consciousness and access to inner knowledge.
Yes there will be asana but in this context it will be included primarily to provide a platform upon which genuine pranayama (that integrates mudra, bandha and kumbhaka) can be undertaken and in turn provide another platform upon which meditation can be entered into.
Each two-hour class will comprise of around 30 minutes of asana 45 minutes of pranayama, with the associated bandhas and mudras and kumbhakas, and then conclude with a 15 minute practice of dharana (concentration). Ample time will be allocated at the end for Q&A.
These sessions are suitable for dedicated students and teachers of yoga who wish to deepen their experience and understanding of an integrated approach to classical yoga practice.
Four sessions are planned over the next four months and while each can stand alone, those who can attend all four will likely gain the most as the knowledge and practice of the former will incrementally underpin the latter.
Ideal if you wish to:
* Take your practice to a deeper layer
* Develop your knowledge from one of the best in the business
* Move toward higher stages of pranayama and bandhas
Here’s what David’s students say about his teaching ...
"David is an awesome teacher – he is exceptionally knowledgeable, serious, down-to-earth, funny and well… REAL. I’m so grateful! With his encouragement, I’ve learned to be content with where I’m at while also holding on to my aspirations, being patient, diligent and persistent – all so important for learning meditation and pranayama." ~ Mandy Trueman
“David’s extensive experience and embodied wisdom impress me every time. He is incredibly profound, commanding, funny and realistic all at once - a true master. If you want to deepen your understanding of yoga on all levels, he is your man." ~ Alana Smith
“David has a piercing authenticity about him. He inspires passion and a disciplined practice that has the ability to transform your life.” ~ Christine Neufeld
“David is a wonderful teacher. His down-to-earth attitude, compassion and sense of humour makes his teachings accessible, and his vast depth of knowledge on everything from the practices and their effects, to the subtle aspects of the monkey mind, means I always feel I am in safe hands.” ~ Tessa Hoffman
David is a life member of IYTA and currently teaches and assesses Pranayama & Meditation on their Diploma course.
DATE: Saturday 2 September 2017
TIME: 2 pm - 4 pm
COST: $40 / $35 Early bird paid by 23 August