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Kids Yoga with Pia

For children of primary school age

We’re delighted to welcome Pia from Young Yogis to Manly Yoga. Pia will be running a 4 week course for primary school aged kids starting on Tuesday 31 October.

Yoga is beneficial to everyone no matter what their age. For children, numerous studies have been conducted that demonstrate the physical benefits of increased strength, flexibility, energy, improved balance, and coordination.

Studies have also shown that yoga provides children with the skills to be calm, compassionate, strong and resilient and improve their performance academically through increased focus and concentration.

Pia believes that Yoga is appreciated and enjoyed by children of all ages, however a children’s yoga session is very different to an adult’s class. “The key to being successful when introducing yoga to children is in the way it is presented to them.” says Pia.

Pia's yoga classes are fun, fairly dynamic, creative and stimulating to the child’s imagination. Simple breathing exercises and relaxation techniques are always included in order for the children to acquire the art of relaxing the body and learning how to be still and peaceful within themselves.

If you have a child of primary school age who would be interested in coming along then please secure their place. Booking is essential for this course as spaces are limited. 


4 Week Course

Date: Tuesday 31 October - Tuesday 21 November

Time: 3:45 pm – 4:30 pm

Cost: $65





If you have children of different ages who are keen to attend a yoga class at Manly Yoga, please do get in touch by emailing us at


About Pia O’Connor

With over ten years of yoga experience and formal training done in Sweden, India and Australia, Pia’s major life-passion is to share the therapeutic benefits of yoga.

Whether it is for children or elderly, Pia has seen the power of the practice and how yoga might serve as an incredible tool for healing various physical and mental health conditions.

For Pia personally, yoga is well and truly integrated into her life. Being a busy mother of three children and running a small business, yoga is her sanctuary and she feels a regular practise allows her to come back to her self and staying open to the constant change and learning in life… It is the endless aspect of self-discovery that keeps her hooked, as well as the fact that it seems to keep her injury free while running ultra-marathons.

With a commanding presence yet a light heartedness, Pia creates a supportive space for her students, young and golden, to explore the physical, mental and spiritual fields within each individual. She is passionate about helping students work to their limits and beyond, with mindfulness and self-love.

Most of all, it’s about making people HAPPY. Experiencing FREEDOM and a sense of SPACE. These are all words you will hear Pia say in class as it is her wish for you all to walk out of the class feeling your mind, body and soul bursting with awesomeness!