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A New Chapter

Back in January 2016, following advice from our then previous landlords that 27 Pittwater Road would be sold, we knew that there would be considerable challenges ahead, but we decided to continue operating as Manly Yoga.

Since the decision, the Manly Yoga community crowdsourced funds, designed, built and moved into new premises at 200 Pittwater Rd and we have continued to enjoy all that makes our community so special.

Whilst operating as an incorporated association structure it allows us to be not for profit and community based, yet it also limits our growth capacity,  and requires us to rely on a volunteer management committee and other voluntary contributions. In moving into our new home at 200 Pittwater Road, we hoped to be able to operate more commercially. This has not been easy.

The Management Committee, aimed to continue operating into 2018 and beyond, keeping the spirit of Manly Yoga alive. But we have reluctantly and regretfully concluded that Manly Yoga is no longer sustainable as an incorporated not-for-profit association from an organisational, financial and managerial perspective.

Faced with this situation, the Management Committee has discussed and explored a number of possible options. In the end we have decided that the closure of the Yoga Association of Manly entity (trading as Manly Yoga) is the most appropriate decision.

It is with sincere regret that the Management Committee has  chosen to close the centre, with the last classes on Sunday 17th December 2017.

We appreciate that this may be a surprise to many and very disappointing for all of us who love Manly Yoga , where we have found sanctuary, wellbeing and friendship over the last 41 years.

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all of you who have contributed to the revitalisation of our yoga centre in the last 18 months, for your generosity and continued belief in the vision of a not-for-profit, community focused, authentic centre of yoga and meditation.

We wish to honour our dedicated teachers and volunteers for their ongoing commitment, their unstinting contribution and the caring way in which they have held all of us us at different times in our yogic journey.

And we thank you, our students and supporters, for honouring Manly Yoga with your presence in your search for a system of yoga and meditation that supports your lives.

A more detailed explanation into the reasons for the closure of Manly Yoga can be reviewed in the Q&A, this can be accessed by following this link.

Looking to the Future

When we were notified of the sale of 27 Pittwater Road 18 months ago, Alana Smith’s family company, Halix Pty Ltd offered Manly Yoga a two-year lease at 200 Pittwater Road at a subsidised rent

The Association is now breaking its lease early, and this subjects us to potential penalties. In addition, Halix Pty Ltd now has an empty space to lease with the prospect of no rental income for some time.

The directors of Halix, Bob and Alana Smith, both loyal Manly Yoga fans who have been extremely generous landlords throughout our tenancy, are loathe to see the Manly Yoga community of students and teachers become homeless.

They believe there is potential for a new yoga business that could preserve what is unique and wonderful about Manly Yoga in a more sustainable model that has much greater scope for growth than a not-for-profit association. Therefore, they have made the following decision.

New Beginnings

Alana Smith will become the owner/manager of a new yoga business in the current space.

She aims to open the doors in early January 2018 and will be offering a very similar timetable to what is currently in place.

Her intention is to serve and maintain the community that has built in this centre, with the teacher and client base, and the Give Yoga program.  She will expand the continued professional development (CPD) offerings, broaden the repertoire of styles of yoga offered, and support teachers in ways that will enrich our authentic, holistic yoga centre.

This was a decision welcomed by the Management Committee as it means the organisation avoids penalties from the early termination of our lease.  Any sale of the current assets of the Yoga Association of Manly Inc. will be conducted on strictly commercial terms.  More importantly, Alana’s decision also means that the many wonderful things we all know and love about the centre will be kept alive.

Alana is hoping you will all support her endeavour to keep the heart of our beloved yoga centre beating.

If you wish to contact Alana, you can do so by emailing here direct, following this link

She welcomes all ideas for this exciting new venture.

Any questions?

The Management Committee has developed a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) sheet. Please read this if you wish to know more. If you have any further questions, can you please email and a member of the Management Committee will endeavour to reply as soon as possible. Please avoid asking staff to explain it further as this was a Management Committee decision. CLICK HERE for FAQ information

Final Farewell

We would love you to join us for our annual end of year community picnic and a final farewell on Friday 1 December, 5:30 pm at Little Manly.

With sincere best wishes,

The Management Committee of the Yoga Association of Manly (Inc.)
Manly Yoga