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Get your free meditation and yoga nidra
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Three highly effective meditation practices that you can use at home or
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Deepening into Meditation ~ For Body Mind & Heart with Amara


When we come together as a community with the intention of deepening our meditation practice, a powerful energy is created. With the support of each other, an experienced teacher and a peaceful environment the inherent wellness of our body, mind and heart is naturally nurtured.

Four Deepening into Meditation classes have been scheduled over the next four months. Each session will help students to expand their understanding and deepen their experience of a number of classical meditation practices. The format of each class will also support an understanding of the integrated, step-by-step approach in preparing and moving into meditation.


Each 2-hour class will include:

• 2 classical meditations

• gentle asanas (yoga postures) with a focus on aligning body, mind and breath

• pranayama (breathing practices) for balancing and refining the energetic body

• Yoga Nidra (relaxation/meditation practice) for relaxing the body-mind and integrating the meditation practices taught in the class

• an understanding of the chakras and how they support greater self-awareness, physical and mental wellbeing and an awakening of intuitive wisdom

These classes are suitable for students who have prior experience of yoga asanas, pranayama and are able to sit comfortably in meditation for a minimum of 20 minutes. Chairs, stools, cushions and bolsters are provided.

About the teacher: Amara Saraswati began her training in 1978 and has had the good fortune to have trained with many Acharyas (masters) of classical yoga and meditation. For over 30 years she has been teaching students from many walks of life.

Date: Saturday 24 June
Time: 3 pm - 5 pm
Cost: $35 per class