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Come & Celebrate Manly Yoga's 40th Birthday

Join us for a special Flower Havan and Kirtan to share in the ‘spirit’ of your Manly Yoga community to Celebrate 40 Years of Yoga in Manly.

An evening of Nada Yoga, interlaced with flower havan, kirtan and music. 

After the Kirtan, guests are welcome to join us for a communal vegetarian meal, sweets and chai.

Dinner will be served after the program at 7:30 pm.

For catering purposes, bookings are required by Thursday 2 November.

Flower Havan is a ceremony from that stems from the ancient Vedic tradition. An essential part of havan is the chanting of mantras together with an offering of flower petals. During this evening's program we will recite 54 rounds of a healing mantra known as the maha-mrit-yun-jaya mantra, for health, healing, transformation, energy, and support in the face of difficulties, followed by 108 rounds of om-aim-hreem-kleem, a universal mantra for health and prosperity.

It is important to know that this is a yoga practice which is not done for entertainment purposes, it is a practice dedicated to others - a way of giving to others which is beyond the material level.

Kirtan is a joyful uplifting mantra practice. Kirtan is a little different from chanting in that the mantras are sung with melody and rhythm. It is a practice renowned for its ability to channel the emotions, purify the mind and lighten the heart.

Best of all its really easy to pick up and you don't even need a good singing voice.

Proceeds raised from the evening will go towards supporting Amara to teach community classes at Pioneer Clubhouse and the East Wing at manly Hospital.


Doors open: 5.15 pm for 5.30 pm start.

Suggested donation: $20

Date: Saturday 4 November

Dinner: 7.30 pm