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Classes ~ New to Sundays at Manly Yoga

Welcome to your new Sunday timetable at Manly Yoga!

At Manly Yoga (MY) we really value your feedback and suggestions on how we can enhance or improve our classes, courses and workshops we provide on the timetable.


It maybe no surprise to you, that the feedback has been unanimous for more classes on the timetable on Sundays! 


So it is our delight to introduce you to a new-look Sunday at Manly Yoga.


There's a class suitable for everyone on the timetable, including a Hatha Dynamic class suitable for those who like to start their Sunday with a strong, dynamic practice. Or perhaps you prefer to finish your day and weekend with a nourishing and rejuvenating, restorative class to prepare you for the week ahead. We've got it covered!


8:30 am - 10 am (90 mins) - Hatha - Dynamic with Alana

An energising combination of static strength-building asana (postures) and dynamic sequences with attention to breath and subtle energies.The class includes a full 30 minutes of classical pranayama (breathing practices), pratyahara (relaxation) and meditation to finish. Suitable for more experienced students who enjoy a stronger practice.


10:15 am - 11:30 am (75 mins) Hatha - Moderate with Alana

A moderately paced class that will include a blend of asana (postures) to stretch and strengthen the physical body, combining breath and energy awareness (55 minutes). Pranayama (breathing practices) and a 20 minute Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation) at the end to relax your body, mind and spirit. Suitable for students with some experience who prefer a measured, tranquil Sunday class.


4 pm - 5:30 pm (90 mins) Restorative Yoga with Shaila

Sunday afternoon is meant for ‘me’ time. This 90 minute deeply nourishing and rejuvenating Restorative Yoga class will combine restorative hatha, deep-releasing yin and include a full 30 minute Yoga Nidra.

Gentle Hatha postures and breathing practices help to balance the body and nervous system. The passive, held yin postures open and relax deep into muscles, ligament and connective tissues, releasing mental and physical tensions from their ‘go to’ places in the body. The lying down relaxation and meditation practice of Yoga Nidra calms, balances and rejuvenates body and mind, leaving you in a prime state to enjoy your Sunday evening and launch into a new week in the most supported way possible.