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Classes: New to early mornings at Manly Yoga

Trying to find the motivation to drag yourself out of bed earlier and make the most of the day?

We can't think of a better way than yoga to put you in a harmonious mindset to embrace the rest of the day.

And what better time to start a new habit as we move into day light savings and the new Spring term. 


Still need convincing?

Then read our blog article titled 7 Reasons to practise early morning yoga, it may just change your mind!

According to the ancient yogis, the most beneficial time of day to practise yoga and meditation is the early morning  the period they call brahmamuhurta. All is quiet, peaceful and “sattwic” (balanced). Everything brims with a positive, promising energy.

Our faithful Tuesday and Thursday 6am students report those days to be their best ones of the week and coming to an early class helps them maintain a healthy and fulfilling routine. If 6am is a little too early for you, we also have classes commencing at 7am and 7.30am.

Make the commitment to yourself now by booking here.

Early-morning classes at Manly Yoga:

7.30 am – 8.30 am (60 minutes) Hatha Yoga - Progressive with Chetana
An opportunity to set your intentions and prepare for the week ahead. Students can expect a moderately paced class with a blend of asana (postures) to stretch and strengthen the physical body in preparation for 15 minutes of pranayama and meditation. Suitable for the more experienced practitioner looking to deepen their practice

6 am - 7.15 am (75 minutes) Hatha Yoga Moderate with Julie

Students can expect to move their bodies in a supported environment, incorporating Vinyasa flow where appropriate to connect the body movement and breath. A variety of sun-salutations and standing poses will be practised to heat up and open the body, allowing for deeper releases and strengthening in the forward and back bends to follow. Expect movement, breath connection, exploration, fun and stillness – the perfect start to any day!

6 am – 7 am (60 minutes) Hatha Yoga (Strong) with Radha

Students can expect a strong and energising class for the body and mind. A variety of asana (postures) are incorporated to suit all levels of experience, with the purpose to energise, stretch and strengthen the physical body, creating union between body, breath and mind.  

This one-hour class is followed by an optional 15-minute meditation to awaken and prepare you for the day ahead.

7 am – 8.15 am (75 minutes) Yoga Synergy (Flow) with Alex

Yoga Synergy is a flow- style of yoga practice, to teach the ancient art of yoga in a safe, fun and enjoyable way, whatever the level of practitioner. Each posture is taught with simple through to complex versions to vary the intensity of your practice.
Emphasis is on balancing strength, flexibility and correct breathing, with postures that flow into another posture, building the sequence from standing to floor postures, finishing with pranayama and relaxation.