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Circle Song with Shaila & Noam

Join Manly Yoga teacher Shaila and musician Noam Blat for an evening of sacred song, meditation, yoga, intention setting, story-telling, ritual and community.

Like a river with many tributaries, Circle Song is a coming together of many cultural and spiritual heritages to celebrate and reconnect with our collective wisdom. In the protection, inclusivity and equality of the circle, we meet to set intentions, sing from the heart, share stories, practices and silence.

Brought together by a deep soul resonance and a shared passion for music, yoga, spirituality, story-telling and community, Shaila and Noam offer Circle Song as a place relax, reconnect with our roots and be authentic.

This special Manly Yoga Circle Song gathering will give particular focus to practices from ancient yogic culture, as well as gems from Jewish, Sufi, Celtic, Christian and indigenous traditions.


Date: Saturday 8 July

Time: 5 pm –7 pm 

Cost: $35 / $25 Early Bird paid by 3 July



ABOUT SHAILA At age four, Shaila told her parents, ‘Now is the time for me to start thinking about the sun, moon and the meaning of life.’ A natural born seeker, her deep affinity with many forms of spirituality, including nature and creative arts, shines through in her poetry, her yoga teaching, her heartfelt song and inclusive facilitation. For more information about Shaila visit:

ABOUT NOAM Born in Israel to Jewish parents of mixed Sephardic Ashkenazi background, Noam was exposed to rich and varied musical and cultural traditions from a young age. His music is infused with Middle Eastern, Spanish and Indian influences, and his stories full of warmth, humour, wisdom and authenticity. For more information about Noam visit: