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Be Here Now: Science of Focusing the Mind with Dr Maarten Immink


A study by researchers from Harvard University in 2010 demonstrated that people are not paying attention to what they are doing about 47% of the time.   

This tendency for our mind to wander and become distracted is thought to contribute to increased stress, decreased happiness and poorer performance at school, work and in sport competitions.  

In this workshop, Dr Maarten Immink, who is the Senior Lecturer in Motor Learning and Control within the School of Health Sciences at the University of South Australia (UniSA), will provide an overview of recent scientific developments in how to train the mind to be more focused and present in the moment.  

This will include coverage of recent studies investigating the effects of mindfulness techniques on brain function, including work from Dr Immink’s own research department.  

We’ll address common misconceptions about mindfulness techniques and review practical guidelines to get the most out of practice with these techniques. The mindfulness meditation will involve focused attention and open monitoring techniques.


By attending this workshop you will understand:

* the benefits of mindfulness techniques for health, wellbeing and performance

* the brain processes involved when our mind wanders and when the mind is engaged in mindfulness techniques

* how different styles of mindfulness meditation influence attention, decision-making and creativity

* how to use current research evidence to inform effective mindfulness practice


The benefits of attending this one-day workshop:

* Increased knowledge about the role of mind and brain in health, wellbeing and performance

* Increased knowledge about how mindfulness techniques shape the mind and brain to improve self-awareness and regulation

* First-hand experience with different forms of mindfulness meditation through guided practices in the workshop

* Evidence-based strategies to increase effectiveness and enjoyment of the practice of mindfulness meditation

Mindfulness meditation practices involving focused attention and open monitoring techniques will be practiced during the workshop.

Dr Immink’s previous workshops at Manly Yoga have been extremely popular; we recommend early booking to avoid disappointment.


This workshop is worth 6 CPD points with Yoga Australia.

There will be a break for lunch.

Price includes afternoon tea.

Date: Sunday 15 October 2017

Time: 10 am – 5 pm

Cost: $165 / $145 Early Bird paid by 8 October

25% discount for 6 month pass holders


About the teacher

The workshop will be run by Dr Maarten A. Immink who holds a doctorate in motor behaviour from Texas A&M University.

He is a Senior Lecturer in Motor Learning and Control within the School of Health Sciences at the University of South Australia (UniSA).
Maarten has over 20 years experience studying, researching and teaching the physiological and psychological basis of human learning and performance.

Dr Immink is an associate researcher with the world-renowned Sansom Institute for Health Research, an associated member of the Centre for Sleep Research, and a research member with the Exercise for Health and Human Performance research groups at UniSA.

Part of his research explores the basic science behind factors that affect behaviour, including fatigue, stress, arousal and affective states.  He also investigates how mind-body training, including yoga and mindfulness meditation, mediates the influence of these factors.  He is an accredited yoga and meditation teacher.