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Free Home Practice

Get your free meditation and yoga nidra
home practice.

Three highly effective meditation practices that you can use at home or
on the bus, anytime.


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Private Classes

Sometimes a general class is not for everyone.


Traditionally yoga was always taught one on one.


That’s because everyone has different needs and there are so many yoga techniques available that it is indeed possible to create a very specific program just for your body, your mind, your emotions and your heart.


If you're currently recovering from illness or injury, if you're going through a period of acute stress or emotional upheaval, consider having private classes, where the techniques can be tailored perfectly to suit you.


Another reason for private classes is so that you can have your class at a time that suits you.


The initial private class is 90 minutes long. This is so the teacher can get to know you and find out what your goals are for personalised sessions.Together you will decide upon a yoga program that supports you where you need it most.


Private classes are held in one of our heritage rooms at Manly Yoga.

Should you wish to have private classes in your home for an additional travel fee this can also be arranged. You are welcome to also make the private class in your home a small group class of up to 5 people.


First class $130  (90 mins)

Subsequent classes $100 (60 mins)


Please call the centre manager, Karen on 9977 4725. She will be ready to assist you in finding the most suitable teacher for your needs.