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Post Natal

We know what its like when you’ve just had a baby.

There’s joy, exhilaration and exhaustion all mixed together.

And you can nearly always feel like you don’t have any time for yourself any more.

If you’re ready to start giving time to yourself, to start strengthening your body again and to breathe deeply and relax, this class is for you.

And the best part is you don’t need to worry about finding a baby sitter because you can bring babies, crawlers and toddlers with you.


By using specific yoga postures that carefully work the internal abdominal muscles, you can be assured of  rebuilding your body safely, at the right pace for you. 

Taking time out to breathe and relax whilst learning to do yoga with a baby in tow, you’ll walk away feeling strengthened, revitalised and ready for life with a little one again.

You may be wondering how on earth does a class work with babies and toddlers present?


Each week we’re amazed to see babies stay calm whilst their mums enjoy getting their fitness and health back. Even more incredible is the silence in a room full of mum’s and bubs practising Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation) together.


After class there is an optional cup of tea and discussion time. A structured space is created for mums to get to know one another and share parenting experiences in a non-competitive way. Different topics are discussed each week so that the conversation is uplifting and helpful.


About the teacher and discussion facilitator:

Radha practised yoga throughout her 3 pregnancies. Since her pregnancies she has taught prenatal yoga consistently for over 10 years. She is also the prenatal yoga module co-ordinator on the Diploma of Yoga Teacher Training at Mangrove Yoga Ashram.

Along with her practical wisdom borne of experience, Radha also brings skills and knowledge as a trained natural birth educator. (She Births). Along with birthing, Radha is passionately dedicated to creating spaces of meaningful connection for women.