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Free Home Practice

Get your free meditation and yoga nidra
home practice.

Three highly effective meditation practices that you can use at home or
on the bus, anytime.


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Open (mixed level)

Classes titled as Open are mixed level classes.

If you've completed a Beginners course or you have prior yoga experience this class is for you.

Each class includes a blend of asana, breathwork, yoga nidra  and meditation. You'll notice that the Open classes are also tagged with either Gentle or Moderate so you can know what level of challenge you can expect from the asana component of the class.


Open - The Rishikesh Series

Now this is a powerful series. The Rishikesh Series is a specific yoga sequence containing classical yoga asanas that work strongly on physical and energetic levels. You can expect to build strength, stamina, flexibility and you’ll get to master the pose known as the crow.


Open - Seniors (over 65's class)

Yoga is practice that can help us develop a positive attitude to the challenges of growing older. These classes specifically work on keeping the joints loose and the body supple. Like all of our classes, the Seniors classes also contain breath work, Yoga Nidra and meditation.