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New to Yoga

Some Common myths...

"I'm not flexible enough to do yoga," is a regular refrain.

In fact, being inflexible is one of the very best reasons for starting yoga; it's by 'doing' yoga that you become flexible, and enjoy many other health benefits. And as the body does the mind.

" I could never do that, I can't even touch my toes." 

The gymnastics often portrayed in postures promoting yoga are impressive, and appropriate for those who wish to practice them (and can do so without injury), but such images can be a barrier to giving yoga a 'go'. Yoga is not for an athletic elite, it's to meet the needs of everyday life. We come in all shapes and sizes and yoga is accessible for everyone; regardless of fitness levels, past and current health conditions and age.

"No pain, no gain....."

Pain is a healthy response to help protect the body. There's a big difference between a pleasant stretch sensation, that extends the body, and pain that signals potential damage. Which is why MY Yoga practices are modified to meet individual needs in a non-competitive, supportive and safe environment.

" Yoga is just exercise."

A balanced set of yoga postures move all the major joints, the spine in different directions, massages internal organs and are a wonderful workout for the physical body. But there's more to you than just arms and legs; so all our classes combine physical postures with relaxation, breathing and meditation practices. This complete (integral) system improves not only your physical wellbeing but also balances your mind and emotions.


The perfect start: 5 Week Beginners Course


We've designed this course with someone just like you in mind. 

At Manly Yoga we don't throw newcomers into the deep end and expect them to keep up with more experienced students.

This is the step by step introduction to the wonders of yoga that all our teachers wish that they had.  Over the eight weeks you will be taught the fundamentals of a safe and satisfying yoga practice that will serve you for a lifetime.

This course is a prerequisite for students new to yoga joining our regular classes. Over 5 weeks you'll learn foundations practices that ensure safe and enjoyable yoga practice.

Encouragement and support go a long way when you’re learning something new and adding a new healthy habit into your lifestyle. By doing our 5-week beginners course, not only will you reap a methodical, yet completely experiential course in yoga, you will also receive: 

  • the benefit of being in a small class of no more than 10 students. 
  • a phone consultation during your course to provide encouragement and answer any questions you may have. 
  • regular emails reiterating the week’s class theme and key lesson.


Class sizes: Safety first

In sporting teams the number of players is generally around 11-15; beyond that effective communication within the group declines and the quality of performance drops. MY Manly Yoga class numbers are restricted to ensure the highest quality of yoga for every student, so you won't be lost in the crowd. Safety is of primary concern for our teachers, who are trained to modify yoga practices to suit individual needs and goals. A non-competitive environment allows you to practice to your own capacity, without comparison to others.

Your yoga, your health

You will be asked to fill in a health questionnaire before attending a class for the first time.
  Please inform your teacher if you have any health conditions, so they can guide you safely through the class.
We also invite you to an informal, in confidence, chat with the manager who will advise you on how Manly Yoga can best meet your health needs.