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Men's Yoga

Did you know that just one yoga class per week can improve your flexibility, the mobility of joints and the best benefit, reduce the symptoms of stress and tension?

If the idea of yoga sounds appealing, but being in a room potentially with a lot of women who seemingly know what they’re doing on the yoga mat doesn’t sound good, then our Men’s Yoga Class is for you.

In the non-competitive, safe atmosphere of Manly Yoga you’ll learn yoga postures, breathing  techniques and the deep relaxation of Yoga Nidra.

This weekly class is taught by long time Manly local Michael Slater, Michael works as a designer by day, and yoga teacher by night, and in the early morning you’ll often find him working up a sweat running on Manly beach.


I have always tried to keep fit as I am on the sliding side of 60!


I was a keen Rugby player, aerobics junkie and wind surfer for many years. However, when I turned 60 my best friend told me that “ You have only 25 years left and 15 are going to be ratshit”.


As I had suffered the odd Rugby injury over the years (a dislocated kneecap) and my body was not as flexible as in former years, I decided to take up yoga at Manly Yoga.  I approached this new sport/ recreation with an open mind and did not know what to expect. I felt that yoga might be a bit “touchy feely” for me but found that this was not the case. The main emphasis is on breathing correctly and using your energy to improve your physical and mental capacity.


I find the warm up and warm down phases at Manly Yoga very enjoyable and sometimes drift off to sleep as I become very relaxed.


Apart from the physical and mental benefits of yoga, I have very much enjoyed Michael’s direction as our yoga teacher. I have also met some great guys north of 60 who have become firm friends. During the State of Origin Series we took turns to host dinner at our respective homes and watch the matches. This has enabled our wives to meet one another and form further friendships.


I should disclose that our 90 minute yoga class is usually followed by 90 minutes drinking in a local bar. This makes for a very balanced sporting and social evening!


I heartily recommend that all guys give Manly Yoga a go! Peter Clemmett  


The men's group at Manly Yoga is a great gathering of fabulous guys that get together to have a serious practice of yoga but do it in a very relaxed and social way. This is a group suits beginners as well as those who are regular attenders of yoga sessions. Michael,our instructor is a very experienced and accomplished yoga teacher who provides the class with a well thought out instruction plan that is designed to cover a range of yoga practices from postures to breath control and meditation.

A special note for older guys, more than one or two of the regulars, myself included, are over 60, so dont be shy its a friendly group. Kieren Turner



Wednesdays 6.30 pm