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Give Yoga

A Manly Yoga Community Project.


All donations are supporting the free yoga and meditation classes being offered weekly at Pioneer house.


A group from the Manly Yoga community has commenced developing the framework for a not for profit initiative which is based on encouraging students, teachers and the broader community to support free yoga classes in the community for individuals and organisations who may not have access to regular yoga classes. People can support this initiative either through Donation, Volunteering and or Sponsorship. 


A key focus of Give Yoga will be the development of sustainable Yoga programs for the disadvantaged, those with special needs and the introduction of Yoga into schools. It is hoped that there will be many and varied opportunities for students, friends and families of the centre and the wider community to be involved in valuable ways, such as:



A small donation can make a big difference and we will be encouraging our supporters to help where they can. We will also be reaching out to various organisations that would potentially wish to support those areas of need. We are currently reviewing and working on a plan to enable us to achieve charity status for tax deductible donations.



Give Yoga is seeking to build volunteer programs based on individuals or organisations desire to be inspired and to grow in dynamic new ways through giving back to the community. To create an atmosphere where people want to be involved and are encouraged to participate.



Give Yoga wishes to create a sponsorship program based on an individuals desire to e.g. support” A Teachers in the Field program” or other programs. This could be done in several ways such as an individual, group or class basis.


The long-term aim is to extend Give Yoga outside of the Manly area and to become a national program. It is intended that Give Yoga will affiliate itself with other national programs such as the Yoga Foundation.

The possibilities are numerous and limited only by our enthusiasm and imagination.

Whilst the concept is in its infancy there are many possible directions in which Give Yoga can grow. Through the involvement of interested parties it has the potential to become an invaluable asset to the wider community and everyone who is a part of it.


If you would like to help or have suggestions and ideas please contact: