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A vision for Give Yoga

By Anthony Cormack (Amarnath)

My vision for Manly Yoga is to build on our foundation as the first not-for-profit community based yoga and meditation centre where everything we do is to support health, wellbeing and connection within the community. A centre where our students feel they are an integral part of the organisation and that we are here to support, nurture and help develop and enrich their Yogic journey. Manly Yoga will continue to teach yoga and meditation for the betterment and wellbeing of the community, reaching out particularly to those suffering from mental and physical health issues. 


One of my great delights has been to establish and see the formation of Give Yoga with tremendous support from Amara and the management team. The driving principle of Give Yoga is based on Swami Sivananda’s teaching to ‘Serve, Love, and Give’ and the principle of empowering people and communities to realise their full potential through the transformative wisdom and practice of yoga in order to create a better future and a better world for coming generations.


I truly believe that the gift of giving is a profound human desire and that through Give Yoga we can move participants from being “self-centered” to ”community-centered” and beyond. Borrowing a quote from Give Back Yoga in the USA.  “Awake, transform, Give Back. We believe we can pass the gift of yoga, one person at a time, thus empowering individuals and building communities, and helping to reduce suffering in this world.”


The new journey for Manly Yoga and the transition into our new building is very exciting and creates many new opportunities for the future. The combination of Yoga and Meditation and therapy, combined with a wonderful new health café Ruby Lane, enables us to provide an holistic service to the community moving forward. 


Now is the time to utilise the depth and experience of the management team, to explore various options and potential outcomes and to develop and implement strategies, which will position Manly Yoga as a strong, viable, knowledge based organisation for the future. We are only limited by our imagination, knowledge, enthusiasm and determination to succeed in our endeavours.


I look forward to sharing the journey with you. 


Amarnath (Anthony Cormack)

About Anthony Cormack (Amarnath)

As Manly Yoga is a not for profit organisation we are governed by a committee. Our zealous committee president is Anthony Cormack, also known by his spiritual name of Amarnath. He has given countless hours as a volunteer at Manly Yoga since 2009.


Anthony (Amarnath), brings to Manly Yoga decades of experience as a CEO for his own company Cormack Communications and a Director in his family's business.


He is passionate about yoga, Buddhist meditation teachings, Eastern philosophy, the Rugby, and his latest project has been to start a charity organisation called Give Yoga.