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Take a tour of the new MY Yoga & Meditation Centre

By Manly Yoga

As you can see from the video we are so close to finishing our new home. However, we need your help to get us over the line.

To date we are thrilled to have raised $31,290 but we're not there yet.


If you haven’t managed to donate already and would like to help us complete those last essentials, please donate now.


There are several ways you can donate:

How to Donate:

We appreciate some individuals are more comfortable making donations through different methods.


Here are the payment options:

~ Cash, cheque and EFPOS payments in person at Manly Yoga reception

~ Transfer funds directly into the Manly Yoga bank account: 

BSB 062197   

Account No: 1089 9678


~ Alternatively, please email at


Please give in any way you can so we can finish this beautiful new yoga space and all breathe a grateful sigh of relief.

About Manly Yoga

Manly Yoga is a community-run, not-for-profit yoga center that has been serving the Manly yoga community for over 36 years.  At Manly Yoga you will learn an evolutionary form of yoga and meditation which acknowledges that yogic development involves harmonising the mind, body, actions and spirit. Yoga is achieved when these aspects of self are balanced.