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After 40 years Manly Yoga is on the move

By Manly Yoga

In coming weeks you’ll see a FOR SALE sign go up on 27 Pittwater Road, the building Manly Yoga has occupied for 4 decades. 


Unfortunately the landlords have decided to sell the building. 


We appreciate that for many of our devoted students, some of whom have been with us for over 20 years, it will seem like the end of an era. 


But for us, it’s an opportunity to write the next exciting chapter in the history of MY.


And as the saying goes: One door closes, another opens.


In just a few months we’ll be taking the beautiful “spirit” and energy of Manly Yoga along with our amazing, dedicated teachers to a new space further down the road (more details later). 


Suffice to say that at this stage it’s a blank canvas just waiting for us to add our own special touches and create dedicated spaces for yoga, meditation and therapies like massage and ayurveda.


It’s lighter and brighter plus there’s a healthy, holistic café out front, what more could we want?


At this time, it’s also worth remembering that Manly Yoga is a not for profit organisation and that much of the “behind the scenes” work we do is completely voluntary. 


In that spirit we’ll be seeking your support to help create the new space. 


Finally, we appreciate that this is a lot to take in and there will no doubt be questions and concerns. So please share them with us.  


To that end we’ve created a dedicated email address where you can ask and share any issues that may come to mind. We will do our best to address these and respond quickly. 


Email us at:


Of course you can also speak with your teacher.


In the meantime, we would like to thank each and every one of our students who are part of the vibrant Manly Yoga community. We look forward to your continued support at the new “MY HQ” in a few months time.


The committee & teachers of Manly Yoga

About Manly Yoga

Manly Yoga is a community-run, not-for-profit yoga center that has been serving the Manly yoga community for over 36 years.  At Manly Yoga you will learn an evolutionary form of yoga and meditation which acknowledges that yogic development involves harmonising the mind, body, actions and spirit. Yoga is achieved when these aspects of self are balanced.