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What we teach

At Manly Yoga we teach a classical, hatha style of yoga which originates from northern India.

There are generally two types of yoga on offer originating in either southern India or northern India. The southern Indian styles tend to be more athletic and physical, such as Ashtanga and Iyengar. 

As northern India is geographically closer to Tibet, the yoga styles which have emerged from that area have a flavour of Tibetan Buddhism, with an emphasis on mindfulness and with seated meditation included in their yoga practices.

A typical 1.5 hour class at Manly Yoga is comprised of 60 minutes of asana (the physical postures), and 30 minutes of combined relaxation, breath-work and meditation.

It’s a style of yoga which works on all levels - physical, mental, emotional and, if one is inclined, spiritual.

The main focus in our classes is on the cultivation of awareness or mindfulness. For example, when practising the physical postures we encourage students (where possible) to practise with their eyes closed, so that they can really feel into their own body and listen to the information their body is giving them. It’s not about achieving a particular physical outcome or aesthetic.