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Get your free meditation and yoga nidra
home practice.

Three highly effective meditation practices that you can use at home or
on the bus, anytime.


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When you meet the teachers at Manly Yoga, you will meet people truly inspired about offering yoga and meditation classes to meet your needs. 

Each of the teachers at Manly Yoga is actively exploring ways to bring the practices of yoga and meditation to you in a form that make sense, that is relevant and reflects the world in which you live.

All the teachers at Manly Yoga have completed the internationally renowned Diploma of Yogic Studies from the Satyananda Yoga Academy.  This is an intensive 2 year full time course and the highest level of accreditation available for teaching yoga in Australia.  

Many have additional qualifications from other professions and yoga traditions, special interests in particular sports and aspects of life that feed into what they have to offer you in your yoga class.  

Our teachers are swimmers, runners, surfers, fathers, mothers, business owners and lovers.  They understand the rigours of living in today's world.  That is why they started practicing yoga in the first place.  It is their experience of living, coupled with their extensive practice and training in yoga that gives them the qualification to teach.

Whatever your age, ability or aspiration is with yoga, you will find the teachers at Manly Yoga ready, able and willing to meet you right where you are to guide and assist you on the journey to where you want to go


What We Teach

At Manly Yoga we teach a classical, hatha style of yoga, which originates from northern India.

There are generally two types of yoga on offer originating in either southern India or northern India. The southern Indian styles tend to be more athletic and physical, such as Ashtanga and Iyengar. 

As northern India is geographically closer to Tibet, the yoga styles, which have emerged from that area, have a flavour of Tibetan Buddhism, with an emphasis on mindfulness and with seated meditation included in their yoga practices.

The main focus in our classes is on the cultivation of awareness or mindfulness. For example, when practising the physical postures we encourage...

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